Tuesday, December 4, 2007

sketch encounter

There was a funny situation the other day during my daily train ride to work. I see this guy on my commute roughly once or twice a week. He is always listening to his headphones with a sketchbook. During our last encounter I sat across from him. Nothing exciting, just another day. I saw him sketching so I decided to do a sketch of him. After our sessions were up I looked over to show him. He smiled and flipped through his book. He flashed a drawing from a previous time of me sketching on the train. We both laughed and went about our business. We transfered at the same stop and began to converse. His name is Joel. Nice guy. It's funny, you never know what to expect while sketching on the train.


Hans said...

What a wonderful encounter for you as well as for him. Art connecting people. I am enjoying your sketches. Keep them coming.

ziritt said...

great sketches bro!

Anonymous said...

fun story