Tuesday, January 15, 2008

almost done

here's the progress from the last post.


Bob said...

Hi Frank
I love your birds, they are just beautiful. When will you be out in
AZ again. I would love to meet you.

gonzales said...

Hey Bob,
Thanks for your comments! I will add you as a link too. I'm still working on that part. We should keep in contact and definitely meet up next time i go out.

Mad William said...

Nice looking birds.
I love some of the new paintings on the Si website.

When do we get some new ones?


ziritt said...

Nice man!!!

inpho said...

Wow I really love the way you did these birds. Also those new landscapes are amazing. Keep it up =]

Domenico said...

hi Frank..i really like your work and i will speak more about you to Arte Sanlorenzo couse i think you are a great add for them,and i think is important to continue works with good artist....
p.s.i saw your pics here...how can you have an atelier so clean??? meine is durty and stinky of varnish and colors...make an account also on myspace..o.k???
see you soon.
Domenico Di Genni