Thursday, March 13, 2008

so far. one of three

I've been a bit lazy with new posts. Anyway, here's what I have going at the moment amongst several others. There haven't been drastic changes in my work, but I find myself getting more involved mentally in the process. It's a funny contradiction of being more aware and at the same time letting go. I have learned that even if it's the "wrong color or mark" as long as it's made with confidence and conviction it will show. The marks we make are a reflection of us at that moment.


keep3 said...

OK Frank, this is interesting.
The contrast is intriguing.
It's like earth,water,and air.
The bird goes back and forth between the elements.
The pink is as though there is a refraction through a prism as one looks upon the bird.
Nice experiment keep them coming!

keep3 said...

And let us see the other two....