Wednesday, April 29, 2009

still here

yup, i'm still here. haven't posted any new images in a while. i will soon though. i figured i could use this blog to write random thoughts as well. why not right? i recently had a brief period of not painting for a couple of weeks, maybe even three. i was evaluating what the hell i've been doing and where i want to go with it. i know everyone knows what i'm talking about. there's that self evaluation period where you criticize everything you do and even stop yourself even before you start. not only does this apply to art making but life itself. its a constant push and pull, high and low and cycle that happens. every time i get back on track it's the same thing i always tell myself "enjoy the process".  ya well, it's easier when you have just come back on top of things. nonetheless, this is true and something we have to go through in order to grow. i mean, we are organic beings. there are no straight lines in nature. 

one thing i have learned is that the mind can get in the way if intuition. some deal with this differently, of course, because of our individual life's experiences. some choose keep working through it and others will destroy everything in the studio. as for myself, i tend to stop before i start and think about it too much knowing damn well that it's as easy as just putting some paint down to get started. i have also realized that time away from art making is essential in order to feed the work. life's experiences are the nutrients for making art. this is just my opinion and what works for me.  i still find it funny how difficult "making pictures" can be. 

things are moving along and i'm excited to see where they go. ahh, intuition there you are!


Jake said...

Dude, I know exactly how you feel. I imagine my creativity like a bank. You can't keep withdrawing from your creative bank account with out making deposits. That's why I always take one or two days a week where I don't even pick up a pencil and just experience life. I've had a pretty intense creative year this last year and this system somehow kept me from burning out. The flip side is I have to work hard those days that I do work or I begin to lose momentum and end up doing nothing.

anima-base said...

Cheers~ frank..

keep3 said...

I second that sentiment. We are all organic beings like nature itself. There's a cycle and process to it all.

Anonymous said...

hey frank,
i meant to comment on this when you posted it but i got distracted, wandering mind an' all that. know how you feel, and it makes the tough times a little bit easier to read other artists are dealing with similar things, so thanks for sharing.
beautiful paintings btw.