Saturday, August 29, 2009

almost there

not sure if people who check out this blog are getting sick of these posts about this piece. eh. anyways, worked on a hummingbird today.


Amanda Canine said...

Of course not! I'm excited to see this piece when it's finished. It's nice to see it progress along. So many different species in one painting! Keep on posting. :)

tlo said...

I love seeing you work as you go. It's very enlightening!

Octopus Parlour said...

Your work is so inspirational and I really enjoy seeing its progress. I love work that is painstakingly detailed and yours is just gorgeous.

walfrido Neto said...

wow! now you've got a fan in Brazil.
If you want some pictures I did shot around here, like humming birds and native brazilian plants, I'd be glad to give you.
Thanks for showing your work.