Tuesday, October 20, 2009

inhale exhale

some quick shots of a piece i'm currently working on. love them nepenthes, i had to add some in this piece. it's interesting how these recent works are tightening up a bit. they're not as loose as some of my other works. this isn't a bad thing but merely an observation. i pretty much go with it and whatever feels right at the moment. i'm finding a lot about myself and my process these days, meaning that painting unfolds at its own pace and sometimes rushing things or feeling rushed isn't always the best solution. of course the artist is always in control of the pace of their work, but just like life and nature you have to let it unfold and emerge on its own.i tend to fight with this internally on a daily. its sort of like when we cut our finger, we can remedy and clean the wound but the body heals at its own pace regardless of how we would like to speed things up. painting has taught me patience, or is teaching me rather.

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ELiXiR said...

I ebb and flow of your process both with the brush and cognitive reach - seem to be intertwining and weaving with a feel more meditative than pushed. It's a beautiful process to witness.