Friday, February 26, 2010

back on the grind

well, i'm back after a week sabbatical. unfortunately i wasn't able to attend my own show in Park City, Ut due to a blizzard here in NY. bah!!! it was a two man show with my good friend Richard Salcido. fortunately, he sent me hourly updates via texts and phone pics. i was bummed considering we both worked pretty hard for this show. nonetheless my girlfriend and i were able to make it out to Arizona to visit friends and family. it was so, so needed and now i'm back charged up to get cranking again. i've got some smaller pieces in the making. for now here's a quick little ink wash of an animal skull in a jar i did in my new sketchbook. i've been waiting to draw in it for weeks now. the drawing is "eh" but the found the paper to take ink well. it was only 8 bucks at Barnes and Noble. the first week back has been a bit slow but it feels great to let the art hunger grow.

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Anne said...

Too bad you had to miss your show, buy hey, I think the drawing deserves a lot more than "eh". Saw you were mentioned at -- very nice.