Friday, March 26, 2010

stay tuned

been in the midst of redoing the studio. finally going to have some white walls! the beige-ish color soaked up so much light and seemed cavernous at times. it was always surprising to take a painting out of the studio and go "Oh, this is what it really looks like!" the white does box in the room but at the same time opens it up so much. i'm very excited to put some plants in there as well. right now its such a mess but i look forward to start anew. i'm looking to make a more simplified space with a work table for me and my girlfriend and and maybe a comfy chair too. while i'm on the subject of studios i would highly recommend the book "Inside the Painter's Studio" by Joe Fig. it's a great read (just got it the other day thanks to my friend Preston for referring it to me). it looks into the studios of 25 contemporary artists. all are given the same questions about their work habits and just their day to day practicalities. the outcome is very interesting and inspiring. stay tuned kiddos!

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