Wednesday, May 25, 2011


finally started painting again after taking a week off. it was much needed and felt great to recharge. a week is long enough for me. anything more and i start having withdrawals. during that time off i'm thinking a lot about new compositions and ideas. its a constant cycle and of course i should know better and just let go, relax, and let the process unfold. ha! easier said than done. i've always have this really weird period before working on a new series of paintings. i get this depressing-like, anxiety feeling before getting back into the groove. it feels like i forgot how to paint and have run out of ideas or the work is just crap. for me getting started is sometimes the hardest part. the best solution i've learned thus far is to mentally drag your ass kicking and screaming to the easel and get to work!
here's some roots i painted direct on panel as a result.
i feel much better now.


Snacky & Pancakes said...
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Stix and Jones said...

I go through the same thing every time too... like I really forgot how to paint. Then, back in that groove feels so good.