Friday, November 18, 2011

im still here!

hey there. i know posts have been a bit sparse as of late, BUT i'm still here peoples! i took a shot of the studio this morning to prove it. the works hanging to the right are the collabs i'm working on with my buddy Richard Salcido. there will be 10 total. the solid colored pieces against the other wall are my own works for the same show. you can 't see from this pic but most of those works already have sketched in compositons. i normally work on one piece at a time but since time is crazy sensative right now i've been drawing out all my compositions in advance. i've learned a lot doing this and have been enjoying it. while in the moment of drawing one piece i can play with ideas and have them bounce around which feeds the next. of course this may seem like a common sense approach, but for me this opens up doors production wise. now its down to the meat and potatoes part of slinging paint! im excited too because i'm scaling my day job down to two days a week which free's up three full weekdays for painting!
release the Kracken!!! oh ya, and we're preparing for a move to the southwest in December!? pressure?............maybe a little bit :)

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