Saturday, June 9, 2012

new and gouache

new 36x36 i started on thursday. i cut out some watercolor studies i did in a sketchbook that i had while living in NY. funny how they didn't seem to have as much impact on me at the time as they do now. i'm using these as departures for some new pieces. i seem to go back and fourth with mark making that describes a leaf or flower versus just painting a flat out leaf or flower. i'm a fan of the former. it think its more interesting and sometimes more effective when you can imply or describe in a few paint strokes while leaving room to explore and keep coming back to find new things. i pulled out some gouache last night and continued where i left off with the watercolor studies. there's lots of room for exploration with these. or if anything, they're fun to do and i'll just end up with a pile of them on a shelf. 

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