Wednesday, October 17, 2012

back to the paint cave

hello peoples. i hit the ground running once i got back from my show. there's usually a post show blues that happens around this time. i thought it was just me until i discussed it with another artist friend of mine who experienced it as well. fortunately theres a lot of work to be done which keeps the momentum going. here are some commissions that i've recently completed. two 30x30 canvases for a children's hospital and an 18x24  kingfisher. back to the grind! hope you are all doing well. let me know how you've been?!


Maryanne Pappano said...

post show blues.

I get them too. I always call it the Lance Armstrong theory. He wrote about it. No matter how many Tour de France's he won...the next day he woke up and the win didn't define was the challenge.

So admire you Frankie. xo

lune82 said...

man u give us inspiration , keep on ! great colours and ofcourse style! hard times here in Athens !peace!