Wednesday, February 6, 2013

my meditation

I recently completed this 18x18 of some Heliamphora (sun pitchers) and hummingbirds. I miss having a terrarium and have plans on making another soon. I never tried growing Heliamphora before but am anxious to try. It might be a little more difficult with the conditions in Arizona. I guess we'll see. 

Speaking of Arizona, I have this Aloe (aloe karasbergensis) plant that I bought from Home Depot in the clearance section last summer. A lot of the leaves were cut back and has been sloowly growing back. It also took a hit from the couple day cold snap we had in January. I see new growth on it despite its seemingly poor condition. She's a trooper and a beautiful plant. I didn't plan on painting her yesterday but it just happened. Yesterday was a stressful one and I knew I needed to get to work in the studio. My only set plan was to start a new 36x36 head on with no drawing or composition in mind. I used a pic I took of the aloe as a departure. Something happened. It was a great experience to paint it and watch it unfold before my eyes. Its almost as if the painting was guiding me, so I just followed. This is the result from last nights session. I'm excited to see where it goes next. 

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Unknown said...

Looks liked injured beauty. Love it.