Monday, April 8, 2013


I'm sorry to announce the event at Sanctuary Resort this weekend has been cancelled due to a scheduling discrepancy. My apologies for anyone who was planning on attending. 
Ya it sucks, but things do happen for a reason. I may not know those reasons now but my intuition says "Pffft, now get back to work!" so that is what I'm doing. 
Not everything in life goes according to plan but how you deal with the situation is up to you. I think I just figured out my lesson!
These are the works that were for the show. Nonetheless, they're available through Beals and Abbate Fine Art.
healing refuge 36x36

beautiful nuisance 24x30

domain 30x40

eurasian jays and prickly pears 14x18

fortitude 20x24

. Have a beautiful day!


Lancewex said...

"Eurasian jays and prickly pears" is a stunner.

JacMac said...

only you could make a Dandylion stunning and beautiful