Monday, June 10, 2013

post show

i'm still feeling the momentum from Curioso at Thinkspace Gallery. firstly,  it was absolutely needed for me to get out. it noticed i was in a certain mindset that was stressing me out and didn't feel all there. its amazing what we manifest by just thoughts. i visited my brother from another mother Richard Salcido in San Diego and finally met his beautiful daughter. we had a great time. Richard and I text all the time showing each other what we're working on, but it was good to see his amazing work in person and chop it up like the old days. 
the show itself was wonderful. the turn out was a full house and energetic. it was a real pleasure to finally meet gallery owners Andrew and his wife Shawn in person. coolest peoples and a very easy going attitude. three works sold so far. the show is up until the end of the month. you can view the works HERE.
it was also a pleasure to meet the other exhibiting artists Jeremy Hush, Glenn Arthur and Erik Siador as well. unfortunately Lindsey Carr couldn't make it, but her work is stunning in person. overall it was a great time and wonderful opportunity. seeing all your hard work come to fruition is a beautiful experience and rewarding. you can view pics of the opening night HERE.
now that i'm back and refreshed i'm already making new strides everyday. my mantra: the power of thought is how we manifest our reality, our thoughts become things. let's make things happen!

with artist Jeremy Hush

Richard Salcido, Jophen Stein and gallery owner Andrew Hosner
in print!

gallery shot from front

Richard Salcido, Derek Sterkel and Millie. Amazing artists.

installation view

installation view

gallery shot

Thinkspace Gallery

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