Sunday, August 25, 2013

knock knock knock.......echo

hey folks. i'm still here, no really I am! working hard as usual for an upcoming solo show and some groups shows. since my last posting i've ventured to Caifornia, had a solo show in Park City, collected some more minerals, got a new tattoo and received a couple of great features in American Art Collector Magazine. Be sure to check out the September issue. i have a two page spread about my upcoming solo show at Beals and Abbate Gallery. Talk to you soon!
Silver Queen Fine Art

got a bronzed mink skull

mammillaria bloomin'

picked up this gem the other day. beautiful botanical illustrations

received this box of Dervil's Claws from the parents of a friend from High School
looking forward to doing some studies of these guys. 
come california groundcones. they're parasitic pinecones that grow from the roots of trees. 

found a gem show at a high school while in CA. picked up some Pyrite and this Hematite with Quartz

peek of some works for my upcoming solo show


got this in Avila Beach CA. sea urchins are rad. 

Got a slow poke tattoo from my friend last week. its a cactus bloom
my 1971 Ford that i'm slowly working on. plans to lower a bit and add some white walls. Horale!

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Bridget Robbins said...

LOVE the parasitic pine cones...great post, super studio shots; great to hear from you. Big fan; your work is beautiful!