Saturday, November 17, 2007

Crayon Drawing Session!

Here's a couple of Crayon Drawings Angela and I did the other night. She had to do some drawings for a class so we set up a still life and had a blast. I learned this exercise from my friends Preston and JT. Pretty much the idea is that with a box of crayons your palette is very limited so you have to make use of what you have. As silly and as fun as it is, the actual exercise of making conscious decisions about space, color, and edges with this unforgiving medium is a great way to approach painting and problem solve. I must admit, it's also fun to laugh at what you're doing in the process. C'mon it's crayons! If I was an art instructor I would definitely assign this to my class. I went the route of using flat planes of color. Angela did contour drawings. These are the results.


Le Samouraï said...

wow i am really digging these crayon illustrations

you should experiment more with's not bad

ziritt said...