Sunday, October 12, 2008

Pitohui dichrous

Working on this right now. It's 24x24 acrylic on canvas. You know, I've been doing a lot more reading and research on different species of birds and the history of bird art. I guess you can say I'm a "late bloomer" on this but I have been finding a certain connection to the history of bird art and my own. This connection has created an internal dialogue which has opened my thinking to vast possibilities. As a visual artist I have been trying to figure out how to compose images that evoke beauty, visual pleasure, and ambiguity and at the same time progress in my own thinking. This is what my work has been about. It has taken some time for me to really be confident in writing about my work rather than letting the image speak for itself. Although, as Francis Bacon put it "If you can talk about it, why paint it?"

This particular bird (Hooded Pitohui) resides in the tropics New Guinea. What's interesting is that this heavily built beautiful bird is known to have feathers and skin that is toxic to humans.

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Vivi said...

These are gorgeous and just a little too uplifting from the Poe-like work I'm used to. (remember I'm the literature buff, not art, so mea culpa.)