Friday, October 24, 2008

Prints Available!

Yep, there are several different prints available of my work. I struck up a deal with the good people at Artaissance who have been featured in numerous interior design publications and deal with the high end framing company Larson-Juhl. The cool thing is that you can order the prints in various sizes or customize your own. They're printed to order on either paper or canvas. This is the first time I have had prints available of my work. I'm excited to reach a larger audience and see the response. Go out and tell everyone you know about this, it's huge! You can view the available work here:


Vivi said...

I want one of these. Thanks XOXOXO

Vivi said...

Hey, I want a Virgen de Guadalupe with red lips and nails and mochaccino skin. Christmas is coming and that's what I want. When are you coming out? Scar says you can stay with us and play board games with her.