Monday, July 13, 2009

ink wash

i did this little ink wash drawing of an animal skull in a jar last night. i have several different ones of various sizes and species on my coffee table and plan on doing some paintings of them. i'm still trying to finish some works that have been lingering in my studio that need to get done. i sometimes spend my time in the studio just staring and thinking about what i need to get done, other projects i want to work on, questioning why aren't these works done yet, wondering how come other peoples work has so much substance and my stuff stinks.....etc. you know, the usual. over the weekend i purchased a book by Paul Pope. If you've never heard of him he's known as the "dark prince" of comics. this guys line work is really damn inspiring. i'm a big fan of his work. anyway, he mentions in his book "it" as being the muse and that "it" isn't always there when we need it, or want it to be for that matter. the best thing we can do as artists is to KEEP WORKING and during the process "it" will come check up on you to see what you've been up to and leave as soon as your head is turned. so in the midst of my bubbling menudo of thoughts i decided it was getting late and didn't want to start a new painting and mix up a palette. i opted to do this study instead. i couldn't sleep unless i worked on something and this is exactly what i needed. it was quite fun and challenging. just observing the object and all its abstract qualities can be overwhelming and exciting in itself. nonetheless, this is the result of my sunday.

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JRJ said...

A very powerful graphic image with all the organic gesture of any good drawing. It makes the best use of the materials and matches it to subject matter. I will enjoy sseing more along the same line, or with the same philosophy.