Monday, July 27, 2009

new start

i started drawing on a new canvas this weekend. it's 48x48 which is a little bit larger than what i usually work on. i had a recent spell of experiencing one of those growing pains where you question what you're doing and realize some things need to change in order to keep things interesting and growing, just as in life. the actual change isn't anything drastic like abandoning what you're doing, but has to do more with the approach and thought process and what you want to do with it. there have been things i've refrained from adding in my work due to my own silly reluctance based on fear of some sort, maybe...? nonetheless, i'm just saying i became aware of one of those moments of acknowledging a change and knowing what to do with it.

this is what i've got down so far. there's going to be much more in the composition. i'm very excited to be adding carnivorous plants. some of my favorites. there's going to be birds in it as well. i'll keep things updated. pardon the bad pic.

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