Monday, April 5, 2010


a couple of more watercolor sketches. the scans didn't pick up the subtleties of the medium but you get the idea. i've been really liking the looseness if watercolor. i would like to translate this into my paintings. yep, i'm kind of scared to do so. funny eh? i like the lack of detail and focus on the shapes. i'll build up the courage to try it soon. life's too short to not to, right?.


Jake Whitlow said...

They look great and though the medium won't give you the detail, i actually like that too; It seems to have allowed you to have the wonderful colors and shapes speak much louder. The textures and the way you have laid down the color is great. Fine, i must go find my watercolors and give it another go. Ah, how i would love to own a watercolor of yours next. It would go somewhere on my bedroom wall near "Anticipate I". I was sad when you couldn't make it out for you and Richard's show at Silver Queen, but I hope to meet you some time in the future!

gonzales said...

Thanks a lot Jake! Wow, glad to hear you have "Anticipation I". I appreciate the support.