Thursday, April 1, 2010

start of something good

yesterday i bought a little watercolor field sketch box by Sakura. i'm crazy about it! my girlfriend and i are going to visit the NY Botanical Garden soon and i wanted to bring along something to sketch with. i've worked with the medium before but never really got into it until now. i'm starting to think why i haven't use these before!? here's some thumbnails and stuff from my sketchbook, getting used to the medium again. i'm so excited to do composition studies, especially when they look goofy and plus they lead to an new door of possibilities.


Vivi said...
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Vivi said...

We love watercolor. We just use the old school watercolor kits, but I've vowed to buy a nice one if I keep up with it.

gonzales said...

This one was only 18 bucks and some change! you can even get a good one for around 24bucks. not bad.